Being located at Nanning, a Green City and the capital of Guangxi, Mingyang Industrial Zone is a provincial level industrial zone of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. The overall planning area of development reached, of which are for the first stage. The Zone will be developed to a demonstrative sample, which gathersindustrial park, modern agricultural park, park of commerce and trade logistics and Satellite Town as well.
   Mingyang Industrial Zone is managed and operated by Guangxi State Farms Bureau, which is an and hocadministrative department under the authorization of Guangxi People's Government with the authority of municipal-level economic administration. So far, Guangxi State Farms comprises of 96 branches scattering around 13 cities and 39 counties, RMB 13.2b of total assets, 166666.7 ha of land, and over 46666ha of Suburb land. Machine-made sugar, sisal products, cassava starch, livestock and aquatic products, sub-tropical fruits and teas are the six big pillar industries of the group. In recent years, Guangxi State Farms has achieved rapid economic development by its keen innovation, the spirit of enterprise, and the open policy. The cooperation with home and abroad has made constant breakthrough. It has become a hot spot of investment in Guangxi.
   Nanning, which is located in the joint of China-ASEAN economic trading area, the Great Southwest Economic Circle and Guangdong-HK-Macao Economic Circle, is an important pivot and gateway for the southwest provinces and regions as well as the only capital city enjoying the preferential coastal opening policies in the southwest of China. Nanning has been honored to be the permanent venue of the annual China-ASEAN Expo that will make it the highlight of the world.
A modern metropolis that has immense potential of development, a hot land filled with vitality and opportunity, a pragmatic, faithful and creative team of management welcomes your coming and joining earnestly. We offer you preferential policies and good services. Let the place be a platform for your displaying of your outstanding achievement, and a channel for your accumulation of wealth.
  Let's join hands to create a bright prospect.

                                                      President of Guangxi State Farms Bureau:
                    Board Chairman & General Manager of Guangxi State Farms Group:  LIUZHIYONG
                     Director of Mingyang Industry Zones Administrative Committee:

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